Indian Industrial Relations Association

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Indian Industrial Relations Association [IIRA]

The Indian Industrial Relations Association [herein called Association] is a membership based organization registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.  Initiatives towards formation of the Association began some time in 1991 following the announcement of New Economic Policy by the Government of India.  It was felt that the New Economic Policy of 1991 would cause disturbances in the existing balance in the employer  - employee relationship.  Accordingly a group of Industrial Relation (IR) professional and functionaries took initiatives towards the establishment of the Association.  The Association secured formal character with grant of registration No S/26161 in 1994 by the Registrar of the Societies.  The aims of the Association are of purely scientific character, without regards to political, philosophic or religious considerations.  Further the Association will not endorse opinions on policy question.



[A] Individual Members

[B] Institutional Members

[C] Associate Members 

[D] Honorary Members


The membership to Association is open to: [a] individuals engaged or having a general interest in the field of industrial relations; [b] trade unions or employers organisations or other bodies concerned with industrial relations; [c] universities, colleges [or departments of the same] and research institutes concerned with or interested in the study of industrial relations; [d] students of universities and colleges [ designated as Associate Members]; [e] persons of eminence who have contributed to the field of human resources / industrial relations could be invited to be patrons / honorary members.


[A] Individual Member

[B] Institutional Member

[C] Associate Member


The Management of the Association is in the hand of an elected body, The Executive Committee, comprising of maximum of ten members.  The members of the Executive Committee [EC] are elected by the General Body of the Association.  the EC in turn elected officer bearers, i.e. President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Secretary is the chief executive of the Association.  The current office bearers are:


Secretary-------------------------------------------Dr. Pravin Sinha

Treasurer------------------------------------------Dr. K. M. Thripathi



Dr. Pravin Sinha

Secretary, IIRA,

D7/2 SF, Exclusive Floors, DLF Phase 5, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002, INDIA



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ANNOUNCEMENT: IIRA Webinar on Revisiting Code on Industrial Relations for post COVID-19 Era; July 04, 2020; 11.00 AM